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Welcome to Career Wise and Jobs

"Your Gateway To Professional and Personal Growth!"



Career Wise allows you to take a first step to evaluating the career Quality of Life you seek. You will also find the Career Wise Current Search Opportunity. Part of our process will be to review your background and have a brief introductory conversation with you . The L'Ange Group has been providing search and recruitment to companies for the past 20 plus years placing over 800 candidates. While it is our desire to help everyone in their career identification this has proven to be almost impossible.

When someone considers a career change there are a number of steps that should be followed. Looking for a new career option is not something that most individuals are familiar with. The Career Wise Program is offered as part of your discovery.

The L'Ange Group, , is a well recognized search and recruitment company. For over Thirty years, we have developed many Clients and key relationships.  At the time of our connection we may not have an opportunity that fits you, timing is always a bit of an issue. And certainly you may be at a point in your life where you question the direction you want versus the one you should take. We have worked with many companies and have a solid understanding of the tactical and strategic needs of these organizations. We share this knowledge to help you.

Our program consist of six key action steps. This is not a program on the Internet.  It is one on one with Terry LAnge, a teacher , mentor and coach. This is allowing you to tap into his years of knowledge and expertise that the L'Ange Group has developed and learned working with many companies and mentors.


You will receive a total of 5 Hours of one-on-one coaching. Comprised of 5 Hours now and 1 hour later.

1. A complete evaluation of your career todate, past, present and future.

2.This will center around Education, Vision, Skills, Interest, Values and Goals

3.We will provide Assessments, to assist in the evaluation planning of your career

4.Resume review preparation or modification

5.Review all and establish goals with a plan of action.

6.Follow up with two accountability sessions.

Your cost of this career investment depends on what your needs.

Under this program we do not promise you a job. We are teaching you how to fish so you can provide for yourself, and family.

If appropriate as a final option we may decide to send your resume to our key contact database of  individuals/companies.

Please understand that this is an additional service we offer you. In the future if you elect to continue this program, you will be charged $100 dollars an hour.

We are thrilled to offer this resource to YOU.