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Where We Can Learn and Grow Mentally, Physically and Spiritually to Be the Best That We Can Be, Personally and Professionally.

We want to provide you with a selection of Sales Thoughts and Books that will make a difference.

"When the student is ready the teachers will come"

Determine where your product or service fits:

Is your product or service strategic and essential to the overall business strategy of your prospect?

Is your product or service an operational component that relates to day-to-day activities of your prospect?

How much impact does your product or service have on your customers’ profitability, revenue or cash flow?

Would you consider your product/service an “A” priority purchase – like jet fuel for an airline, a “B” priority pur-chase – like foam cushioning for seats on the same airline, or a “C” priority purchase – like ice for soft drinks for passengers.
How will your product or service impact the long-term direction of your customers business?
Is your product or service seen as a commodity?
How exclusive is your product or service?
All of these issues play an essential role in determining where your salespeople should first attempt to enter an account.