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                                                             "The end result is not what to focus on, instead look at the steps of the process that will provide the best outcome.                                    - Doctor Edward Deming


Our nationally recognized iHire Smart process just did not happen. We strive to bring you the best candidates the best talent that makes a difference  to your organization. In order to do that a special process needs to be in place. And while the end result is important the key components of the process itself is what should be really focused on. Each of the steps along the way fit like pieces of a puzzle and together they form a synergy far greater than the whole. 

Our iHire Smart, Twenty Five Step process gives our clients an unfair advantage against the competition. It is a process that goes after talent not those looking today or those who's resume seems to always be out there. It has produced over a 92 percent ROI which means the hire stays three plus years and produces a profitable return for your organization. 

What does this do for your organization? If your pay plan target is 150k then well over a million in revenue!. It is all about the outcome!