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Special Report 2018

"The Top 10.5 Reasons for Finding and Keeping Top-Performing IMPACT Salespeople"

Scenario: You have an unclear sales direction, sales production is not measuring up and turnover is high. You need an IMPACT Sales person that will grow revenues and stay three plus years!

Right Fit Game changers, IMPACT Salespeople are those unique individuals that have the ability to: 1.Increase your revenues. 2. Cut cost because you will reduce turnover and mediocre production 3. Become more efficient more competitive and more recognized as a key force in your competitive community.

How do you find them? You find them with a strategic plan of identifying, locating, qualifying, and then and only then, recruiting.

"Game Changers must be recruited; , they are interested in career building and have demonstrated such, they areindividuals that are Bright, Creative, Competitive, Strong Recognition Need, Assertive, and come with Baseball Card Quantifiable Successes. AND they match the Culture of the Company and Position." ----Industry ---- V.P. Sales Ingram Micro

If you were to use the cost of a bad hire calculator located at -Free Resources you will find that someone with a projected income of $150,000 that is given six months to perform or be let go will cost you close to $80,000. This number doubles if the time is stretched out to one year. But this is not the real cost. The real cost is time wasted, lack of new or repeat business, losing the competitive edge and negative employee morale. The actual cost is HUGE!

Top Performance Based sales organizations come to the L'Ange Group for help because they're facing turnover of close to 50% (voluntary and involuntary). Regardless of market conditions. These two factors alone cost your organization big time. It's all too common to lose your best performers to the competition, or to hire someone who's from the competition who can't seem to get results for your company. One leading firm facing these challenges worked with us to develop a competency model through our iHire Smart program for evaluating potential new sales professionals. By comparing job candidates to the model, the firm reduced turnover to 5%.

We all know that the right people in the right places doing the right things can achieve truly amazing results. However, how do you find and keep the sales superstars and guide them toward success in your company?

Most important: HIRE SMARTER. We've found that one of the best ways to achieve much-needed consistency and strong sales results is evaluating salespeople's drivers and motivators as part of the interview process. In addition we recommend using the STAR behavioral interview process. In fact, the Sales Performance Optimization survey by Advanced Psychometrics found that more than 80% of firm's proper assessment of candidates before hiring said it either improved or significantly improved their "hiring success rates," as related to ongoing performance and retention.

Once you've hired a top-performer, how do you keep him or her committed to achieving great results for your firm? After evaluating hundreds of sales reps and managers, we've uncovered a surprising fact about what motivates top-performing Performance based sales professionals: Making money doesn't always top the list however.

1.  In most cases these performers are well-compensated for their performance, often drawing mid-six-figure income opportunities.  However, they want more than just a good paycheck!

2. They want a clearly defined career path with a specific timeline and measurable accountabilities along the way.  They are driven by success and achievement. They want opportunities to perform at the top of their game.

3. They demand ongoing coaching and continually seek ways to learn and grow their skills.

They do not like what they perceive as micro management but do understand a need for metrics and accountability.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        4.

4. They crave recognition, name in lights, as top performers.

5. They keep their finger on the pulse of the industry, taking the temperature of the market, and assessing the competitor's offerings.

6. They seek out and respect sales managers who are attentive, understanding, knowledgeable, and willing to coach.

7. They do not like having their Ponderosa (Territory) constantly being changed, modified or deleted.

8. They do not like having their compensation plan changed after they are aboard or if they receive a big order.

9. They do not want their commission, paycheck
delayed for any reason.

10. If management commits to something they expect it to happen.

10.5 E-mails many times reflect the mood we are in. Don't communicate with your sales team by e-mails only. Many a manager has been misunderstood.

It boils down to this: Top performers know they're top performers, and they want to stay that way. They want opportunities to achieve, develop their sales skills, and get recognition for their record of results. And they're smart enough to demand leadership, strong coaching, smart mentoring, and excellent guidance along the way. They want to learn and grow personally and professionally!

If we could take an X-ray of Top Producers personalities the grid at the bottom of the report shows you what it would look like. This is a snap shot of a real person, a person that has been with his company for over five years as a top producer consistently earning over 250 K in the IT Industry.

The green area represents the data collected from a number of top producing individuals in the IT Industry. This data created the green desirable area for hiring. The red dots represent the actual score for this person which resulted in a 94 score match, a great matching score.

How does your new hire or someone currently on staff compare? How many A, B, C players do you have? And can you make B Players out of your C's? The C Players can take all the wind out of your balloon.

Do you have a plan for Finding and Keeping Game Changers?

The future of our companies depend on the talent we can recruit.
Thanks again for your request. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

Do you know how your team fits the grid?